About the company

The Company “Elektromontaż” from Lublin, Poland has been established in 1953. Through first years of operation, its activity was mainly focused on electro-assembly works and manufacturing of electrical power equipment.

This is one of the most successful companies of electrical power engineering sector in the territory of the Central-East and South-Eastern Poland. “Elektromontaż” has served as the contractor for works including start up of electrical professional power equipment and industrial plants as well as technological systems for many industry branches – such as cement plants, sugar factories, food processing plants, waste-water treatment plants, foundries, electrical power stations, machine building companies, banks and public utility buildings.

The offer of “Elektromontaż” includes designing, manufacturing and assembly of SN electrical equipment and as listed below, fabrication and assembly of standardized construction elements as well as full range electrical power building either in Poland or abroad. We have our own engineering section, which continuously develops design and together with works managers solves any problems connected with the execution of relevant investment projects.

Elektromontaż – Lublin Ltd. celebrates over 65-year tradition in execution of the transformer stations, SN switchgears and other devices and manufactured products for electrical power engineering, and moreover serves the plastic working services of metal sheets by use of the modern AMADA technological system.

For our production and fabrication processes we use only attested materials, special protective layers made of the highest class components, what significantly improve the application properties and extends the service life of our products. We provide fabricated products with the highest level of technical advancement through the access to the world’s leader solutions.

Selected Projects / Customers of “Elektromontaż” Lublin are: Puławy Nitrogen Plant, Ursus Casting House, EC Wrotków, Bogdanka Coal-Mine (KWK) FS in Lublin, WSK Świdnik, sugar factories, dairies i waste-water treatment plants, Makro Cash & Carry in Lublin, Caterpillar in Janów Lubelski, Leclerc Shopping Centre and many, many others.

During many years of market operation, the company has been cooperating with numerous international customers – Peugeot FS in Lublin, Epstein Engineering Export Ltd. USA, Rothmans of Pall Mall Ltd Switzerland, Cardwell Anglia, Pilkington Technology Centre, Bovis International.

„Elektromontaż-Lublin” Ltd. is a leading Polish manufacturer and exporter of SN and nn electrical equipment and fabricates:
– transformation stations in the concrete and metal casing, including atypical and special stations up to 35 kV and 10 MVA,
– SN cable joint in the concrete casing,
– SN and nn switchgears,
– containers and construction elements,
– control, measuring and signal devices,
– solid conductors.

In the range of installation & assembly services the “Elektromontaż” carries the following services out:
– electrical power cable lines and overhead lines of middle and low voltage,
– high voltage switchgears to 110 kV of middle and low voltage,
– interior power and lighting installations,
– installations of structure and guarantee networks,
– industrial TV installations,
– measure, control, signalling and AKP systems,
– lightning arrester, fire protection and protective installations.

The specialistic team, which features a modern, mobile laboratory performs:
– cable and switchgear voltage tests in its place of installation,
– protective locations, middle voltage transformer repairs,
– inspections, adjustment and repairs of protective, control and measure apparatus,
– full range of control and measure works on the brand new and being operated electrical control & measure devices.

Owing to our qualified, skilled and experienced personnel, we provide goods and service of high technical level and quality. This has been proven by the SEP recommendation, which we were granted as well as many other awards and achievements that we were honoured for our fabricated products.